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Tunjuk Langit Plus Softgel

She was looking for the best for her son over the years. Various methods were searched until she found GoSwiet which was suggested by his brother. Now that she is glad, her son’s diabetic issue is getting better. Diabetic lesions are also improved. Also, now her husband also practices GoSwiet….

Glucose readings up to 24.9 mmol/L. Helpless to wake up. Combined with high blood pressure. After 3 days hospitalized, even though injected with insulin the reading did not go down. Determine to find other alternatives but still having to inject insulin 4 times a day. Luckily, after 3 days consumption of GoSwiet, she found that sugar had shown a decrease….

Remember! Always monitor your health. Good testimony from diabetic and high blood pressure patient. He also feel more energetic and no longer neck pain.
BP : from 171-160 mmHg to 141-130 mmHg
Glucose : from 11.0 mmol/L to 6.5 mmol/L

Creative is blessings. Have suffer from nerve pain also known as Diabetic Neuropathy,  her mother combine the skyfruit extract with virgin coconut oil and rub to her infected leg. After 6 months,  she is getting better. From darken leg to redness…..

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Glucose : before 17.9 mmol/L to 9.8 mmol/L

Glucose : before 19.0 mmol/L to below 10 mmol/L

A balanced diet is a must. Softgel may help for rapid recovery.

Reduce joint pain

Glucose : before 24.6 mmol/L to 13.0 mmol/L

Sleep tight. Refresh. Feel full. 

High Blood Pressure : Before 190 mmHg to 140 mmHg

Feel More Energy.
Glucose : before 11 mmol/L to 7 mmol/L


SwietDerm : after 1 month and half used, no more pus and perforation

Only apply SwietDerm. Recover the hole on the toe.

Feel itchy on toes slit. Scratch until bleeding. Recover after apply 3 times SwietDerm.

Abrasion caused from heavy scrathing. Now it goes away.

PHYLLA Scar Serum (Coming Soon)

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